What Is the Best Way for Men to Shave Their Legs?

What Is the Best Way for Men to Shave Their Legs?

With electric clippers, shaving cream, and a pair of scissors, the leg shaving process can be relatively simple, according to Lee Hayward, writing for Bodybuilding.com. Many men find that athletic pursuits such as bicycling and body building are enhanced by hair removal.

Men with thick body hair should begin the hair removal process with a pair of electric clippers. Use the clippers to trim the hair from the desired parts of the body. It is helpful to have someone else shave hard-to-reach places like the back. After the hair is removed with the clippers, legs are left covered in stubble.

Once the majority of hair is removed, it is time to get out the razor blade, says Hayward. Razors used for shaving the face should be adequate. Get in the shower and apply soap or shaving cream to the desired areas. Carefully run the razor from the ankle to the knee. Do this carefully to avoid unwanted nicks and cuts.

After shaving for the first time, some men experience razor burn. As the skin adjusts to the shaving process, razor burn will occur less frequently.

There are a variety of products on the market that claim to remove hair. While some of them may be effective for some people, creams and electronic gadgets can also lead to irritation and rashes.