What Is the Way to Make Thick Hair Look Thin?


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One of the most efficient ways to make thick hair look thin is to ask the hairstylist to use shears or a razor to thin out the strands. Other tips include washing the hair in cold water, using a flat iron and using hair products formulated for thick hair.

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Having a good hairstyle is the best way to showcase a beautiful head of hair. For those with thick hair, however, the stylist needs to use a few special tools in order to remove some of the weight. By utilizing a razor or shears, rather than simple scissors, it is easy make the hair look thinner by cutting out some of the bulk. This is a long-term resolution to the problem of thick hair and is one of the most efficient as well.

If a trip to a stylist is out of the question, there are other resolutions a person can try at home. First, a person can wash the hair in cool water instead of hot water. A colder temperature closes the follicles, which reduces frizz and gives the illusion of thinner hair. If possible, a person should let the hair air dry or use a hair dryer on low heat to keep the follicles closed. Once the hair is dry, using a flat iron to reduce frizz even more adds to the illusion of thinner hair. Finally, hair products made for thick hair help to reduce and control frizz.

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