Is There Any Way to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?


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There are many ways to make a person's hair grow faster, including trimming damaged hair, eating food that promotes hair growth, avoiding heat styling and going longer in between shampoo washes. It can also help hair to grow faster when people avoid the common reasons for hair loss and stunted hair growth, which are unbalanced hormones, stress, bad diet, chemical hair products, surgery or taking certain medications that prohibit hair growth.

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Is There Any Way to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?
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Many times people are told that the idea of haircuts helping hair grow longer faster is a complete myth. However, when damaged or split ends are left in the hair, it is more likely that additional breakage will occur. To minimize this problem, it is recommended that people trim or cut their hair every 3 months.

Eating healthy food can also not only help hair to grow faster and longer, but it can also help hair gain a healthy glow. The top 10 best foods for hair growth and hair health include Greek yogurt, spinach, sweet potatoes, lentils, oysters and eggs.

Yet another way to help promote hair growth is to stop using heat products. Heat products will make it more difficult for hair to grow and will also cause breakage in the hair that is growing. Put away the blow dryer and the curling iron. Find ways to style hair using mousses and oils instead.

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