What Is the Best Way to Make a Flower Headband?

What Is the Best Way to Make a Flower Headband?

To make a felt flower headband, cut out seven circles of felt, glue five of the circles into quarters, and combine the quarters into a flower. Cut and glue lace for the headband, and glue the flower into place.

  1. Cut out circles

    Use the bottom of a bottle to trace seven circles onto a piece of felt. Cut out the circles.

  2. Make five quarters

    Fold one of the circles in half, and glue the circle into a quarter. Press the fold to secure it. Repeat until you have five quarters.

  3. Glue quarters onto the flower base

    Apply hot glue evenly over the surface of a remaining circle. Press one of the quarters onto this circle so it takes up one-fourth of the space. Repeat for three more quarters until the circle is covered, giving the appearance of petals.

  4. Glue the center in place

    Squeeze glue over the corner of the last quarter. Press the quarter into the center of the folded circles. The result should look like a felt carnation.

  5. Cut the lace

    Wrap the lace around your head until it fits snugly. Cut the lace, leaving a half-inch of extra length.

  6. Glue the headband together

    Apply glue to a 1/4 section at the end of the lace. Make sure the lace is flat, and fold the other end into the glue to make a headband.

  7. Attach the flower

    Apply glue evenly over the entire bottom of the flower. Press the headband across the center, and place the last felt circle across the glue. Press to secure.