What Is the Way to Make a Female Toga?

Togas are gender-neutral and can be made by wrapping the body in a bed sheet and fastening the outfit with safety pins and an optional belt. Togas were traditionally white, so a white sheet is the best option.

Togas were status symbols in Roman society, worn by elite men over tunics. They evolved from an Etruscan piece of clothing called a tebenna and were frequently worn at ceremonies. They are a common symbol of Roman culture and often worn at costume or Roman-themed parties.

Step 1: Wrap the sheet around the wearer's body

Hold one corner of the bed sheet over the right shoulder. Drape the sheet across the front of the body and tuck it in the left armpit. Bring the sheet all the way around to the front of the body. Wrap it around one more time underneath the chest, keeping the sheet loose enough for a flowing style.

Step 2: Tie the toga

Hold the corners about 6 to 8 inches from the ends and tie a secure knot over the right shoulder.

Step 3: Secure the sheet in place

Use safety pins to hold together the layers where needed for a secure fit. Tie a belt around the waist for a more fitted look if desired.