What Is the Way to Dye Hair Gray or Silver?

To dye hair gray or silver, the color that best matches the skin tone should be chosen, any color that is in the hair should be removed and the dye should be applied according to the manufacturer directions. Hair should always be in healthy condition before it is dyed gray or silver to prevent it from looking dull or lackluster.

Gray hair was once something that people worked hard to cover up and continuously color. It was something that many people were embarrassed by. It has since turned into something of a fashion statement for people who are older and many people are beginning to embrace the gray. The most important aspect to dying the hair gray is to find a gray color that works best for the skin tone. There are many shades of gray from a nearly pale yellow to a shiny silver. People dyeing their hair should hold up several shades to their skin to determine what shade looks the best. They should also use their natural hair color to determine what undertones they want in their gray. If there is any natural hair color left on the hair before the gray dye is applied, it should be removed using a color remover or bleach.