What Is the Way to Dye Dark Brown Hair Strawberry Blonde?

Dark brown hair can be dyed strawberry blonde by bleaching the hair to remove dark color, then dyeing it to the desired shade. This process can be harsh on the hair, so experts recommend making the transition gradually.

The best way to ensure a successful transition from dark hair to light is having a professional dye the hair. It is recommended to do research to find a reputable salon through word of mouth or researching to find an establishment known for coloring expertise. Following a consultation, the hair stylist and client can come up with a reasonable timeline and start the process by incremental treatments, such as foils or balayage, to lighten the hair in certain areas. While it is possible for a professional to get dark hair blonde in one day, the process is time consuming, expensive and often harsh on the hair.

With proper precautions, it is also possible to bleach dark brown hair at home. However, just like in a salon setting, it is best to do it gradually. A 20-v developer solution, applied in increments from the tips to the roots, can start to remove the color from the hair strands. The process can be repeated every month or so, until all dark color is gone. This can take up to 3 to 4 months, and frequent conditioning treatments and trims are recommended.