What Is the Best Way to Determine a Woman's Dress Size?

way-determine-woman-s-dress-size Credit: 4FR/Vetta/Getty Images

The dress size that a person wears differs depending on their measurements and body shape. Thus, the best way to determine a dress size is to measure different areas of the body.

To obtain the proper measurements for fitting clothing, use a soft-sided tape measure over undergarments, but underneath clothing pieces.

The first step in determining dress size is to measure the bust area. To do this, run the tape measure across the fullest part of the bust without pulling the tape measure too tight. To properly measure the waist, run the tape measure around the middle of the waist. The hips are the next part of the body that need measured. When measuring the hips, users should stand with their feet together and run the tape around the widest part of the hips and buttocks.

After obtaining the proper measurements, users can determine their dress size by comparing the measurements to a sizing chart.

Dress Size Chart

  • X-Small -bust= 33.5 inches, waist= 26 inches, hips= 36 inches
  • Small - bust= 34.5 inches, waist= 27 inches, hips= 37 inches
  • Medium - bust= 36.5 inches, waist= 29 inches, hips= 39 inches
  • Large - bust= 39 inches, waist= 31.5 inches, hips= 41.5 inches
  • X-Large - bust= 42 inches, waist= 34.5 inches, hips= 44.5 inches