What Is the Best Way to Cut Sideburns for Your Face Shape?

What Is the Best Way to Cut Sideburns for Your Face Shape?

Sideburns are often cut to reflect a man's personality or personal style, but current trends and face shape play a role in determining the best cut for the side hair. Regardless of the sideburn style, it should be consistent with the man's haircut.

Not all sideburn styles are appropriate for all hair types. Some men have less growth than others, so a tapered style is most likely the best choice. The face shapes below offer the best sideburn style options.

  1. Round face
  2. Longer sideburns that are slimming break up the roundness to the face. Avoid bushy sideburns to reduce the appearance of a full face.

  3. Square face
  4. A longer sideburn that reaches the ear helps break up and narrow the jawline.

  5. Oval face
  6. Avoid longer sideburns that only elongate an already pointy chin. Sideburns should be worn about mid-length to help shape the face.

  7. Oblong face
  8. An oblong face that is long and narrow does well with long thick sideburns; otherwise the shorter the sideburns, the more it reduces the elongated face shape.

  9. Heart face
  10. Long, thick sideburns help offset the narrow part of the face by adding width toward the bottom and draw the eye to a sometimes very narrow jawline. This face shape is often best suited with a full beard.

  11. Diamond face
  12. Sideburns worn just above the mid-ear mark work best for this face shape. Avoid bushy sideburns that can make the face appear wider than desired.