What Is the Way to Curl Synthetic Hair?

way-curl-synthetic-hair Credit: Nicolas Moulin Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Synthetic hair can be curled by using old brush type curlers and wig pins or long sewing pins. Synthetic hair is most commonly used in wigs, but can also be used in the making of hair extensions.

When curling synthetic hair, a person should not use a curling iron, a steamer to set curls and Caruso steam curlers. Using these can cause damage to the wig or hair extensions.

When curling synthetic hair, a person should think of the process as plastic bending rather than hair curling. Synthetic wigs are primarily made out of plastic so to curl it, it must be bent. First, a person should pin the wig to a wig head or another steady surface. The wig must be brushed out with a metal bristled wig brush before the curling or bending process can begin.

Then, curl the wig around different rollers of all shapes and sizes. Once they are rolled, secure the roll with a pin. Very low heat can be gently applied. It is crucial not to set the temperature too high or the wig can melt as it is made out of synthetic or plastic fibers. The curlers can then be removed after the heat has been applied in order to get lovely ringlets. This style can be sprayed or it can be played with first before spraying. To play with the hair a person should use their fingers.