What Is the Best Way to Apply Eyeliner?

way-apply-eyeliner Credit: Yuji Kotani/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Experts on Total Beauty suggest that an individual's level of experience in applying makeup determines the best ways to apply eyeliner. Beginners can follow a few simple steps. People with more experience can use more elaborate techniques and experiment with different styles.

Beginners should choose the perfect kohl eyeliner pencil. Kohl pencils glide onto the eyelid easily because of their soft texture, but the line must be rubbed on slowly to avoid unintentional smudging. Application with the sharpened tip of the kohl pencil begins at the top lash line and follows the outer edge of the upper lash line to the inner corner of the eye. The line is not likely to smear as long as the eyelid is held taut as the eyeliner is applied. This step may be repeated a couple of times to make the line thicker.

A smudged look is created with an angled brush, which softens when brushed over the kohl line until the line is smooth. As the user gains more experience, a wing-tip look can be created with liner from a gel pot. A pointed-tip brush is used to apply the gel liner at a 45-degree angle, with the user beginning at the outer corner of the eye, and making a wing shape by following the eye's natural slant.