How Do You Wax Your Bikini Area?

How Do You Wax Your Bikini Area?

To wax your bikini area, wash the skin, heat the wax, apply it to one small area at a time, cover it with a cloth strip, rip it off, and apply lotion. This 45-minute process requires a waxing kit, cleanser, a portable mirror, post-waxing lotion, a towel and tweezers.

  1. Wash the skin

    Wash the skin with a mild prewaxing cleanser, and dry it with a towel. Set the towel on the floor, and prop the mirror up in front of it.

  2. Heat the wax

    Heat the wax according to the directions on the waxing kit. Test the temperature by putting a small dollop of wax on the inside of your wrist. Give the wax a moment to cool if it feels too hot.

  3. Wax the hair

    Dip the applicator into the hot wax, and smear it on a small section of hair. Pull the applicator in the direction of the hair growth. Wait 20 seconds, lay a cloth strip over the wax, and smooth it down. Pull the skin taut, and grab the far end of the cloth strip. Rip the cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth, moving your hand parallel to your skin. Discard the cloth strip. Repeat with the remaining hair.

  4. Inspect and soothe the skin

    Inspect your skin, and pull out stray hairs with tweezers. Apply a soothing post-waxing lotion, and rub it in gently.