How Do You Get Wavy Hair for a Black Man?


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Getting wavy hair for a black man is a process of brushing hair so curly or kinky hair combines together to form uniform waves, known as 360 waves. For afro-textured hair, waves take some training and maintenance and can be achieved with several steps.

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In order to achieve waves in a black man's hair:

  1. Start with the initial haircut
  2. Begin with a short haircut. The top should be uniform in length and no longer than three-fourths of an inch. Do not cut the hair for 2 to 3 months to allow the hair to grow evenly and establish the wavy patterns.

  3. Brush hair to form waves
  4. Begin with a soft bristled brush. After the first month, the brush can be a medium grade bristle. When brushing the hair to create waves, make sure the hair is damp and conditioned. Use a leave-in conditioner or extra virgin olive oil to moisturize prior to brushing. Stay away from styling products, especially at first during the hair growth and wolfing of the waves. Brush from the crown of the head forward to the forehead and from the crown to the nape. For the sides, brush from the top of the head to the ears in a forward motion.

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