How Do You Wave Your Hair With a Curling Iron?

wave-hair-curling-iron Credit: peter zelei/E+/Getty Images

To achieve loose, everyday waves with a curling iron, use protective serum, a small-barrel curling iron and a comb. With a little practice, it is easy to create beautiful waves with a curling iron.

First, apply the protective serum to dry hair. This helps to prevent damage and keep your hair healthy. Argan oil is also an effective protective product. If you have straight hair, protective thermal sprays can help your hair hold the curls longer.

Once the hair is prepared, begin winding it around a small-barrel curling iron in small sections. Curl the segments of hair away from the face, instead of toward the face. Try using a curling iron with a 1-inch barrel. It is best to use a small curling iron because it helps to prevent the waves from going flat over the course of the day.

Once the entire head has been curled, use the comb to soften the curls. When loose waves have been achieved, use hairspray to set the style. Do not use hairspray before using the curling iron. When hairspray is used in combination with heating tools, the damaging ingredients in the spray get baked into the hair. Over time, this can lead to brittle, dry and damaged hair.