How Do You Wash TOMS?

To wash TOMS shoes, hand-washing is the manufacturer's recommended option. First remove surface dirt with a soft bristle brush, and then gently scrub the material with soap and water to remove set-in stains. Wipe off the excess soap and place the shoes outside in the sun to air dry.

  1. Remove surface dirt from the shoes

    Use a soft bristle brush to brush off any loose surface dirt from each shoe.

  2. Fill a bucket with water

    Pour cold water into a bucket, filling it up about halfway. Add just enough dish soap to create a small amount of suds.

  3. Scrub the TOMS shoes

    Rinse the surface dirt from the scrub brush, and then dip it into the soapy water. Place your free hand in one of the shoes to hold it up, and gently scrub the surface with the scrub brush. Return the scrub brush to the water as needed for more soap. Use a toothbrush for scrubbing at tough stains along the stitching and edges. Repeat with the other shoe.

  4. Wipe off the soap

    Dip a rag in fresh cold water, and wipe over the surface of the shoes to remove excess soap.

  5. Air dry the shoes

    Place the shoes outside in the sun to air dry completely. Put a sachet of baking soda or fabric softener inside each shoe if you would like to deodorize them as they dry.