How Do You Wash Off Pepper Spray?

There are different ways of washing off pepper spray, most of which are largely dependent on the area from which it is being removed. If pepper spray gets into the eyes, it should immediately be flushed with cold running water. Blinking rapidly will also help get some of the pepper spray out of the eyes.

Despite these methods, however, the discomfort in the eyes will continue to last for approximately two hours. If pepper spray gets into the eyes of someone who is wearing contact lenses, the contact lenses must be taken out immediately and discarded. It will be impossible to wash off the pepper spray from the contact lenses.

If pepper spray gets on the skin, it is important to remember not to touch the affected area. Pepper spray is oil-based and touching it can spread it onto other areas of the body. Milk can be poured on the skin that has been exposed to the pepper spray which will help to decrease the intensity of the burn. It will also help if the area is saturated with paper towels that are soaked in milk. Once the pain and burn have subsided, the area may be washed using dish-washing liquid.

To get pepper spray out of fabric, cold facial cream can be worked into the affected portion of the fabric. It should be allowed to sit for 20 minutes before soak washing it for another 30 minutes.