How Do You Wash Makeup Brushes?


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To wash makeup brushes, first remove excess oil and dirt from the brushes, then soak them in warm water, clean them with baby shampoo, and rinse. For this process, you need paper towels, a bowl of warm water and baby shampoo. Allow 24 hours in total, as the brushes need time to dry.

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  1. Get your warm water ready

    Fill a bowl with warm water. Keep the bowl close to the tap you use, as you need it to rinse away baby shampoo from the brushes at a later step.

  2. Remove excess dirt and oil from your makeup brushes

    Wipe your makeup brushes back and forth on a paper towel to remove excess dirt and oil. Place them on another clean paper towel to avoid picking up more dirt.

  3. Soak the makeup brushes

    Soak the makeup brushes in the bowl of warm water. If you can, avoid getting the metal portion wet, as doing so may cause the glue to loosen. Soak the brushes long enough to get the bristles wet.

  4. Clean the brushes with baby shampoo

    Clean the brushes with baby shampoo by adding a little to your hand and rubbing it gently into the bristles. Avoid being rough with the bristles, as this can disfigure them.

  5. Rinse the brushes and leave them to dry

    Rinse the brushes using clean warm water from your tap. Using a clean paper towel, squeeze excess water. Leave them to dry on another paper towel for around 24 hours.

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