How Do You Wash Hair Extensions?

How Do You Wash Hair Extensions?

To wash hair extensions, comb the extensions to remove tangles, and wash the extensions with shampoo. Rinse the extensions, blot out the excess water, apply conditioner, and then air dry the extensions. You need a comb, shampoo, hair conditioner, a towel and water.

  1. Comb the extensions

    Moisten the extensions with water, and gently comb through them to remove tangles and knots. When combing, start from the bottom of the extensions to avoid breaking off the hair strands. Add water as needed, and keep combing until you completely untangle the hair strands.

  2. Apply shampoo

    Squeeze out a dollop of shampoo, lather it, and gently work it into the hair extensions. Work from the top of the extensions to the bottom. Rinse off all of the shampoo with clean water, and repeat the process until the strands are clean.

  3. Apply hair conditioner

    Apply conditioner to soften the hair strands. Wrap the extensions in a towel, and squeeze out any excess water. Comb through the strands to untangle the extensions, and allow the extensions to air dry to eliminate all traces of moisture. If using a blow dryer, don't dry the extensions too long, since heat wears them out. Finally, style the extensions.