How Do You Wash Your Hair With Eggs?

To wash your hair with eggs, apply whisked raw eggs to wet hair, wait 20 minutes, rinse with cool water and apply a light conditioner. This 25-minute procedure requires eggs, a small bowl, a fork, a hairbrush, a silicone pastry brush, a shower cap, towels and shower access.

  1. Break and whisk the eggs

    Break eggs into a small bowl, and whisk them with a fork. The number of eggs you need depends on the length of your hair. If you have very short hair, use a single egg. If your hair is long, use more.

  2. Brush and wet your hair

    Brush your hair thoroughly, and wet it with lukewarm water.

  3. Apply the egg

    Stir the eggs a second time, and dip a silicone pastry brush into the bowl. Paint your hair with the egg mixture, starting at the roots and working out to the ends. Saturate all of your hair, and then cover it with a plastic shower cap.

  4. Wait 20 minutes

    Leave the egg treatment on your hair for 20 minutes.

  5. Rinse and condition your hair

    Remove the shower cap, and rinse your hair with cool water. Do not use warm or hot water, because these will cook the egg. Apply a light conditioner, leave it on for two minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water. Comb, dry and style your hair as usual.