How Do You Wash Your Face With Soap?

How Do You Wash Your Face With Soap?

How Do You Wash Your Face With Soap?

There are numerous methods of cleansing the face. Soap and water cleansing is simple, yet effective. All you need is a facial soap to suit your skin type, a gentle, alcohol-free toner, soft cotton balls and a moisturizer, if desired. Set aside five minutes morning and night for this relaxing routine.

  1. Choose a soap specific to your needs

    When choosing a soap, check the package to make sure that the product is designed for gentle facial cleansing. Look for ingredients that will benefit your particular skin type. Soaps containing salicylic acid, an ingredient that clears pores and soothes inflammation associated with acne, are excellent for oily skin. Facial bars with glycerine can hydrate dry skin. To smooth rough skin, try an exfoliating bar featuring alpha hydroxy acids.

  2. Use water power to soothe, not harm your skin

    Water washing feels great, but avoid using water that is either too hot or too cold. Extremely hot or cold water will irritate the skin. It will not open and close pores, as is commonly believed. Instead, in addition to your moderate warm water rinse, allow the steam from your daily shower to gently enhance your skin cleansing.

  3. Follow your soap and water wash with extra pampering care

    After washing your face with soap and water, take a few minutes to give your complexion a little soothing aftercare. Use soft cotton balls to apply a gentle, alcohol-free toner that can restore the skin’s normal pH level. Unless your complexion is very oily, smooth on a moisturizer to keep skin hydrated.