How Do You Wash Your Face Properly?

wash-face-properly Credit: Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

Wash your face properly to keep your skin looking fresh, young and blemish-free. Take extra steps, such as tying up your hair, using the right products, changing your routine as needed and drying your face thoroughly to get the best results.

  1. Tie up your hair

    Tie up your hair, to ensure you can reach every area of your face. Use clips or barrettes for shorter hair, to keep it back from the washing area.

  2. Use a makeup remover

    Use a makeup remover to get rid of any waterproof cosmetics. Swipe it evenly over your eyes and face to prepare your face for washing.

  3. Use the right products

    Choose a face wash that is meant for your skin type, such as dry or oily skin. Use one meant for your individual needs, such as anti-aging ingredients or acne remedies.

  4. Change up your skincare routine

    Invest in different products, as needed, for skin changes from aging, climate differences or other external factors. Along with face washes, consider adding toners, exfoliating gels, moisturizers and other beauty essentials to achieve the best results.

  5. Dry your skin thoroughly

    Dry your face thoroughly, in between washing, exfoliating and applying other products, as well as before taking your hair down. Use a clean towel each time, to avoid transferring any residue back onto your skin.