How Do You Wash and Dry Cotton Sweatpants?

Garments made with 100 percent cotton are ideally hand washed and then hung to naturally under the sun. This method of washing and drying clothes made of cotton helps keep fabric shrinkage to a minimum and likewise help prevent the dye on the fabric from fading. Turning the cotton sweatpants inside out when washing will also help keep its outer side from looking worn down and old.

Fabrics made from cotton have the tendency to shrink, which is one of the concern of those who prefer wearing garments made with this soft material. It will be helpful to note that most of the shrinking occurs during the drying process and not while washing cotton clothes. Using hot or warm water while washing also contributes to the shrinking of cotton fabrics. The following shows one method of keeping clothes, such as sweatpants made with cotton, from shrinking.

  1. Turn the garment inside out
  2. Prepare the garment by turning it inside out. This will minimize the wear on the outer side of the garment. Doing so will likewise keep the dyed side from bleeding too much.

  3. Wash
  4. Wash by hand using a mild detergent. Remember to use cold water as warm or hot water will cause the cotton to shrink.

  5. Hang
  6. Hang the garment on a clothesline where it can get plenty of air and sunlight. Keep the garment turned inside out to prevent the sun from fading the dye on the outer side of the garment.