How Do You Wash Dreads?

How Do You Wash Dreads?

To wash dreadlocks, cut a leg off of a pair of pantyhose, pull it over your dreadlocks, shampoo them through the pantyhose, rinse thoroughly, and blow dry them. This 30-minute procedure requires scissors, pantyhose, shampoo, a towel, a blow dryer with diffuser attachment and shower access.

  1. Put on the pantyhose cap

    Cut the legs off of a pair of pantyhose, and reserve one leg for later use. Pull the other leg over your head, and stuff your dreadlocks beneath it. Pull up the front of the cap to expose your face.

  2. Shampoo the dreadlocks

    Get in the shower, and wash your dreadlocks through the cap. Use a mild shampoo, and rinse it out for at least 30 seconds.

  3. Squeeze out excess moisture

    Remove and discard the pantyhose cap. Gather your dreadlocks in your hands, and squeeze them near the roots, and then move your hands to the middle of the bundle, and squeeze again. Squeeze the ends, wrap a towel around the dreadlocks, and keep squeezing for about one minute.

  4. Dry the dreadlocks

    Use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment, and use the dryer's lowest heat setting. Do not stop drying until your dreadlocks are barely damp. This is especially important for preventing mildew growth in long, thick dreadlocks.