How Do You Wash a Down Jacket?


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To clean a down jacket, first close all the zippers, turn it inside out, wash it with detergent in a front-loading washing machine on gentle, and machine dry on low. If washing by hand, agitate the jacket gently in cold water, rinse thoroughly, and gently press excess water out.

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For best results, use a detergent designed for down products to avoid damaging the feathers and stripping off water-resistant coating. Wash the jacket in cold water on the gentlest setting in a front-loading machine only. If you do not have one at home, wash it by hand or at a laundromat; do not use a top-loading machine as they can cause damage. Whether washing it in a machine or by hand, rinse the jacket several times with clean water to ensure you remove all dirt.

Machine dry the jacket on the lowest heat setting. Do not air dry because it takes a very long time and can cause the feathers to clump and mildew to develop. To further prevent clumps, add one or two clean tennis balls to the dryer, and remove the jacket periodically to shake it out. Make sure that the jacket is completely dry before you finish the process. To make your down jacket plump and long-lasting, wash it only once or twice a year, and always store it loosely in a ventilated bag.

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