How Do You Wash Braids?

How Do You Wash Braids?

How Do You Wash Braids?

In order to wash braids, you will need water, a spray bottle, shampoo, a cup and a towel. By spraying shampoo directly to your scalp, you can maintain the structure of the braids.

  1. Spray shampoo onto your head and rub

    Pour some water into your spray bottle and add a small amount of shampoo. Gently agitate the bottle, giving the mixture enough time to emulsify. Spray this directly onto your scalp. Try to move your braids out of the way as best you can so that the mixture hits your scalp directly. With your hands, begin to rub this mixture into your scalp to clean your head and hair.

  2. Rinse your head with water

    Fill your cup with water and pour it slowly on top of your head. Use your hands to maneuver the water and make sure you are able to thoroughly rinse the shampoo and dirt from your hair. You may need several cups of water to get your hair thoroughly clean.

  3. Dry your hair

    Working from root to end with the towel, dry your hair vigorously. Make sure you are able to get as much of the moisture out of your hair as you can. It is fine if your braids are still a little damp. Use the towel to wipe off any excess water on your face or shoulders.