How Do Walmart Pharmacy Prices Compare to Costco?


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Walmart pharmacy prices are more expensive than Costco, which has the lowest prices available. In a 2013 ranking by Consumer Reports of 12 stores' prices on common generic drugs, Costco ranked first and Walmart ranked seventh.

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Costco, Healthywarehouse.com, Familymeds.com, Sam's Club and independent pharmacies had the top five best prices. The most expensive pharmacies were CVS, Rite Aid and Target. To save on medication, request generics whenever possible. Additionally, doctors may be able to prescribe lower-cost medications that are in the same class of a high-priced drug.

Request the lowest price available to ensure all possible discounts are applied. A pharmacy may charge a retail price even when a discount price is available. For example, senior and student discounts must be requested and are not automatically factored into the cost.

Grocery-store pharmacies and independent drugstores may charge higher prices in urban areas than in rural areas, so it pays to leave the city. For example, Consumer Reports found that a 30-day supply of generic Actos at a pharmacy in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina charged $203, yet a store in a rural North Carolina sold it for $37. Prices with insurance are not always the best, as a co-pay amount on a prescription may be larger than a pharmacy's discount price.

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