How Do You Walk in High Heels?

How Do You Walk in High Heels?

When learning to walk in heels, you should start with lower heels and move on to higher ones as your comfort level increases. To learn to walk in heels, you should ensure that your heels are the correct size, choose proper footwear, pace yourself, and be aware of your body.

  1. Ensure that your shoes are the correct size

    Wearing heels that are too large causes feet to slip in shoes, which may cause you to walk awkwardly and unsteadily. Heels that are too small result in a cramped foot and make walking a very painful experience. You should have your feet sized before you buy your first pair of heels and at least once a year afterwards, as shoe size tends to change over time.

  2. Choose proper heels

    Avoid shoes with thin soles, as they provide poor support for feet. A thick-soled shoe, or even a shoe with a bit of a platform on the front, reduces pressure exerted on feet when walking.

  3. Pace yourself, and practice good posture

    Wearing heels shortens your stride when walking, causing you to walk slower than normal. Take your time when walking in heels, and try to walk naturally without worrying about or focusing on your walk. Engage your abs for maximum control and poise. Walk heel to toe to relieve pressure from the balls of your feet. Relax your hips and knees to make your walk appear more graceful.