What Are Some Wacky Hairstyles for Kids?


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Wacky kids' hairstyles include elaborate braids decorated with ribbons or novelty charms, styles with bright temporary hair colors, such as blue or green, and extremely spiky looks. These styles are popular for occasions such as Halloween and school spirit days.

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What Are Some Wacky Hairstyles for Kids?
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The star bun is a simple, wacky style for girls with medium or long hair. It involves using a rat-tail comb to create five triangular parts at the crown of the head, twisting the gathered hair, and pinning it into a bun. The remaining hair forms pigtails near the nape of the neck. Adorning the bun with gold glitter hairspray makes the look stand out even more.

Many wacky hairstyles involve temporary spray-on hair color. For example, a mixture of orange and red spray color is the finishing touch on a style that replicates Disney heroine Merida's mane of wild curls. This style involves wrapping small sections of hair around drinking draws, tying the straws in place and leaving them on the head until the hair dries. Finger-combing the hair and spraying it with dye completes the look.

Other wacky kids' hairstyles involve ribbons, decorative clips and other ornaments. For example, weaving colored ribbons through a braid turns an everyday style into a statement.

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