How Do You Get Volume in Hair?

Methods of adding volume to hair include not washing the hair every day, blow drying the hair upside down while lifting the roots, getting a layered haircut and scrunching the hair. A person can also use products that add volume, such as volumizing shampoos, baking soda, volumizing hair sprays and root-lifting sprays.

Washing the hair too often removes natural oils that keep the hair healthy and full in appearance. Blow drying the hair upside down lifts it away from the head. Wrap the roots of the hair in a brush, and pull it up while blow drying for more volume. Hair spray can be applied before blow drying. Layered cuts, such as soft layers or choppy layers, add volume. When scrunching the hair, apply a sea salt spray to dry hair first, then scrunch it by hand. One part baking soda mixed with three parts water can be applied to the hair for 15 to 20 minutes as an alternative to shampoo. This mixture adds volume and cleans the hair. Volumizing shampoos and hair sprays contain ingredients that give the hair more volume. A root-lifting spray can be applied to the roots and brushed through the hair by hand. Combing hair against its part is another quick way to add volume.