What Vitamins Strengthen Nails?

vitamins-strengthen-nails Credit: Carolina Lobo Fotografía/Moment/Getty Images

Iron, zinc and B12 are the best vitamins for strengthening your nails. Iron helps improve brittle nails caused by an iron deficiency, while zinc and B12 are known for healthy nail growth. Additional vitamins that are good for strong, healthy nails are vitamins A and H.

The best way to get proper vitamins for strong and healthy nails is through natural food sources. While there are also vitamins in pill form, food is always better. Iron is found in green, leafy vegetables, nuts and red meat, while zinc is found in turkey and dark chocolate. For B12, enjoy eggs and cheese. Vitamin H, also called biotin, is found in peanuts, salmon, cauliflower, eggs, beans and bananas. Enjoy oatmeal, spinach, sweet potatoes and cheddar cheese for vitamin A.