Does Vitamin B-12 Help Hair Grow?


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According to WebMD, a healthy diet that includes B-12 helps hair stay strong, healthy and prevents possible hair loss, but it does not promote hair growth. WebMD suggests consuming a well-balanced diet that includes foods rich in fatty acids, vitamins B-6 and B-12 and folic acids.

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Does Vitamin B-12 Help Hair Grow?
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In addition to a multivitamin, WebMD suggests eating nutritious foods that contain B-12 and other nutrients. Meat, chicken, fish and dairy products are good sources of B-12. Bananas, potatoes and spinach provide B-6. Folic acid sources include whole grains, beans and lentils. Omega-3 fatty acids are prevelant in fish, walnuts, almonds and acidic citrus fruits.

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