How Does Virtual Hairstyling Work?

Virtual hairstyling is a way for someone to see how a hairstyle might look on her without actually cutting or coloring any hair. It's usually a software program or website with which a person uploads a photo of herself facing the camera and applies hairstyles or color to the photo.

Many programs offer styles for men and children, as well as women, and have hundreds to thousands of styles and colors from which to choose. Some also offer makeup and accessory options. More intuitive programs allow the user to find hairstyles that suit various face shapes. The goal is to find a hairstyle that creates the illusion of an oval-shaped face with facial features at an even width and length by adding or reducing volume in various places.

Because there are so many choices in the programs, it is common for a user to find more than one style that she likes. Most programs allow the user to print out the photos of the styles she likes to show a hair stylist. Those photos and a description of what the person is hoping to achieve with the style allow a stylist the chance to achieve the cut or color that best suits the client's needs.