How Do You Find Vintage Tiffany Watches?

How Do You Find Vintage Tiffany Watches?

To find vintage Tiffany watches, check websites that specialize in vintage jewelry, such as, and Additionally, frequently check your local antique jewelry shop for vintage Tiffany watches, because they sporadically sell them.

To test the authenticity of a vintage Tiffany watch, check the links. These watches have soldered ones; they are continuous. If you can tell where the watch's links end and begin, then that is a clear sign of a counterfeit one. Additionally, Tiffany watches have the company's name engraved on the back of the silver. Carefully, Tiffany sketches its logo onto all of its jewelry. Sloppily engraved Tiffany symbols are a huge red flag that the watch is fake.

Most Tiffany watches were design and crafted by outsourced watchmakers. These makers often engraved their own symbols into the watches. Research some of the watchmakers that worked with Tiffany and Co. Once you familiarize yourself with their watch style, you are able to identify their brand. Next, use your knowledge to find their signature on these watches; a missing watchmaker signature is another sign of a fake watch.

Tiffany only used sterling silver to construct its vintage watches. Therefore, performing a basic silver test allows you to identify an authentic Tiffany watch.

Tiffany and Co. have made watches for over 160 years.