Does Vinegar Make Hair Grow Faster?

In some hair loss cases, vinegar can aid hair growth when used as a rinse in the shower. Typical hair care products can throw off the natural pH balance of hair, so a vinegar rinse can help rebalance the level of acidity.

In addition to rebalancing the pH level, vinegar used as a rinse can also seal the cuticles and remove product build up. When the hair cuticles are sealed properly, strands will appear stronger and shinier. Product build up on the scalp can suffocate the head and slow hair growth drastically. Using vinegar as a rinse can break down and prevent this build up to encourage healthy growth.

A variety of vinegar types can be used effectively as a hair rinse. Apple cider vinegar is ideal, as it contains a range of vitamins and tends to leave behind less of an odor. White vinegar and any wine-based vinegars will work as well. The rinse should contain one part vinegar and two parts water and should be applied either directly before shampooing or directly afterwards as an alternative to conditioner.

To start, this rinse should be used up to twice per week. As the hair becomes healthier, the use of the rinse can be decreased to once per month.