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Vaseline is used to remove false eyelashes, to help insert earrings, as a highlighter for cheekbones, to soothe cracked heels and to define lashes, states Allure magazine. Vaseline is also used to tame eyebrows, moisturize the face, prevent uneven absorption of spray tanner and heal sunburns.

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Applying Vaseline over eye serum or face cream helps boost the effectiveness of the products by preventing the moisture they provide from evaporating off the skin. This only works if the products aren't retinol based because using Vaseline over products that have retinol-based formulas irritates the skin. Vaseline is also used as an ingredient in homemade lip and body scrubs. Mixing sugar with a small amount of the product creates a lip scrub, while mixing a large amount of the product with kosher salt creates a body exfoliant.

Vaseline, also know as petroleum jelly, is an occlusive moisturizer that has a greasy feel, making it more suited to use at night before bed or during winter months when the skin is especially dry. Using the product at night allows it to seep into the skin effectively. Vaseline was originally created in 1872 for use as a medicinal salve designed to speed up the healing process of wounds. After its creation, the FDA approved its use as a safe and effective over-the-counter skin protectant that rarely causes allergic reactions in users.

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