Does Vaseline Help Eyelashes Grow?


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Placing a thin layer of Vaseline over the eyelids overnight helps to condition the lashes, which helps them to grow, explains WebMD. Eyelashes require conditioning, just as hair does, to remain healthy. Using Vaseline as an eyelash conditioner strengthens and moisturizes the lashes and prevents breakage, often making them appear fuller in a matter of weeks.

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First, make sure the eyelid area is clean, removing all mascara, explains Consumer Health Digest. Use a Q-tip dipped into a small amount of Vaseline as an applicator, and run the tip along your lash line. Be careful to avoid getting the Vaseline into the eye. Place a small amount of Vaseline between your thumb and index finger to help apply it to the lashes and lid. This procedure often produces results within two to four weeks.

Reasons some people choose Vaseline over other eyelash conditioning products include its vast availability, its relatively low cost, and it can also prolong the life of mascara, notes Consumer Health Digest. However, Vaseline can leave a greasy texture and prove difficult to remove. It can also build up in the pores around the eye, causing puffiness. Before using Vaseline on the eyelashes or near the eye, test for allergic reactions, as well.

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