What Are Some Variations of a Bald Head With Beard Look?

What Are Some Variations of a Bald Head With Beard Look?

Bald men can choose a beard style ranging from manicured scruff to full, natural growth. In between these are options that include different lengths and grooming methods, so that only portions of the facial hair are grown.

One option is the buzz-cut beard, which is slightly longer than a manicured scruff. To ensure a groomed appearance, neck hair must be shaved.

A goatee, with or without a mustache, can be any length. Shorter goatees lend themselves to a more professional appearance. Both sides of the face and the neck area must be smooth. As a variation, the goatee can be extended back from the jaw, forming a triangle pointing toward the ear.

The chin-strap beard is an excellent choice to strengthen the appearance of the jaw. It requires meticulous care to maintain the crisp lines.

For a casual look, mutton chops can be grown in any length. This style involves shaving the chin and neck while growing the remaining facial hair.

The soul patch is a youthful look that entails shaving most of the face, leaving only the hair directly beneath the lower lip. It may be narrow or wide, depending upon preference. The hair must be short to pull off this beard style.