How Do You Find the Value of Antique Lead Crystal?


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Identify the maker, pattern, and age of your antique crystal, and compare your pieces to online dealer and auction prices to determine approximate value. Consult an expert appraiser for a collection or a piece you suspect is extremely valuable. The Great Glass website shows examples of identifying marks typically found on the underside of each piece, such as engraved or acid-etched manufacturer names, symbols and paper labels.

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Crystal patterns are often distinctive, according to Collectors Weekly. Each maker developed designs that became signatures for the work of a particular factory or artisan. Check sites such as Replacements, Ltd. to find your pattern by manufacturer name, and compare your piece to the photographs. If the design is difficult to distinguish, Replacements suggests wrapping white tissue paper around the cut section and rubbing the side of a soft lead pencil over the paper to highlight the pattern.

Age, condition, design intricacy and rarity affect the ultimate value of the crystal. A complete set of serving dishes, stemware or candlesticks is often a prize for a collector, who may pay a premium to acquire it. A single replacement piece might command a high price from someone anxious to match pieces they already own.

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