How Do You Get an Uvula Piercing?

How Do You Get an Uvula Piercing?

To get a uvula piercing, find a piercer who is experienced and comfortable with uvula piercing and schedule an appointment. The piercer should use a clamp-and-pierce method placed high on the uvula for best results. Uvula piercing comes with risks of infection, blockage of the airway, rejection and having the piercing become stuck in the throat.

  1. Choose the direction of the piercing

    The uvula is usually pierced parallel to the back of the throat. It can, however, be pierced perpendicular to the back of the throat.

  2. Get pierced

    The piercer uses a standard piercing needle inserted through the clamped uvula. The person getting pierced often has to gargle with lidocaine to reduce the gag reflex for safety.

  3. Clean the piercing

    The uvula takes about two weeks to heal. Keep it free of plaque by brushing it while holding it with forceps.