What Are the Uses of Frankincense Essential Oil?


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Frankincense essential oil has many uses, including aromatherapy, skin care and muscle pain relief, according to Enfleurage. Frankincense is also a popular oil in meditation, yoga and steam treatments.

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Pure frankincense oil causes skin irritation in some individuals. Adding it to unscented base products reduces the risk of irritation. This oil is a popular addition to face creams, body lotion, hair care products, soap and shower gel. Several drops are sufficient to fragrance one bottle of unscented product.

Frankincense essential oil makes an aromatic addition to bathing rituals. Undiluted frankincense oil floats on top of bath water and may irritate open pores. Mixing drops of the oil with honey, vodka or Epsom salt partially dissolves the frankincense, preventing irritation. This is particularly important for individuals with sensitive skin.

Frankincense is a popular addition to steam treatments. One way to use this oil in the shower is to pour a few drops onto a wet washcloth and rub it over the skin. This releases the aroma and fragrances the skin, while the flowing water ensures that the oil does not remain on the skin long enough to irritate it. Another way to perform a frankincense steam treatment is to put several drops in a facial steam machine or a pot of simmering water.

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