What Are Some User Reviews of the No!no! Hair Removal System?


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Amazon.com reviews of the no!no! hair removal system are primarily negative as of 2015. One reviewer called the product "junk" and explained that it did not consistently remove hair and when it did take away hair, it produced an awful smell. Reviewers reported that no!no! burned their skin during use. Other reviewers complained about the company itself, claiming it was nearly impossible for them to receive refunds when they tried to return items.

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Other negative Amazon.com reviews claimed that a large amount of time had to be invested to see any results from the no!no! hair removal system. Additionally, reviewers claimed the product worked better on light, fine hair, and it was clear that it was not working because the light often refused to flash.

Amazon.com customers who reviewed the no!no! hair removal system positively were quick to point out that the product is meant for temporary hair loss that results in less frequent shaving and that hair removal takes several sessions. They claim the unit itself holds its charge well, and the provided Thermicon tips do not need replaced frequently. However, even positive reviewers mention that the buffer pads included with the device meant to remove any stubble left behind are not effective, and the smell of burning hair is ever present.

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