What Are Some Useful AAA Travel Accessories?

Some useful travel accessories provided by AAA include luggage tags, safety kits that fit into carry-on bags, books to organize tickets and boarding passes, and travel books for kids and adults. AAA stores sell a variety of items for all aspects of travel.

Some of the popular categories of AAA travel accessories include auto accessories, safety and emergency accessories, kids items, and luggage. They also sell different types of smaller bags and cosmetic bags for travelers. Top sellers at the AAA store include anti-theft accessories, comfort products, electronics, luggage scales and passport holders. The pet travel items, travel pillows, toiletry bags and travel apparel also appear on the list of bestsellers.

Safety and emergency products are good AAA travel accessories to have, and they include a small first aid kit that easily fits in a toiletry bag or purse, child safety items, auto emergency kits, and emergency lights. Flashlights of different sizes are also available for purchase, including solar flashlights that don’t require batteries. Auto accessories sold by AAA include GPS devices, cell phone and mobile device chargers, organizers for insurance and registration paperwork, and organizers for car media such as CDs and DVDs. The shop also carries auto safety items and EZPasses for people who travel on toll roads.