How Do You Use White Eyeliner?

White eyeliner is used exactly the same as any other color eyeliner and can be applied on the inner lash line of either the upper or lower part of the eye. It is commonly used to create illusions.

Used alone or in combination with other eye makeup, when applied properly, white eyeliner can create many different effects from highlighting brow bones to making eyes appear larger. There are many ways to use white eyeliner as an illusion to hide or enhance features. If a person has small eyes, she can rim the inside lower water line to make eyes appear much larger. People can hide dark circles under the eyes by using a small amount of the liner before applying a base foundation.

Applying white eyeliner on a brow bone makes eye shadow appear more vivid. Use it to hide red blemishes on an upper eyelid. Apply a small amount on the uppermost part of cheekbones as a primer; this can also highlight them. Avoid using thick heavy lines, make sure to blend when necessary, and always make sure to take care when using eyeliner close to the eye.

White eyeliner became very popular during the 1960s when the fashion trend known as "Mod" first appeared from the British Isles and made its way into American beauty and fashion magazines.