How Do You Use the Wella Koleston Color Chart?

use-wella-koleston-color-chart Credit: skynesher/iStock/Getty Images

Use the Wella Koleston color chart to locate the type of hair color product that best suits your needs and your individual hair color. In addition to images showing examples of the final hair color, the chart includes a series of numbers that describe its overall shade and tone.

The Koleston hair color charts on appear in separate sections that represent the different Wella product lines, with each line offering different levels of color intensity and application processes and containing various types of ingredients, such as natural coloring elements. The first step to using the color chart is to select the product that suits your preferences. Hover over the different product images to read a short description of its benefits and functions, including the length the color lasts or the type of hair that best suits the product.

After selecting the line, you are able to view small thumbnails of the different hair colors available through the product. It is possible to filter out the results according to shades by choosing an option from the drop-down list, which includes the name of the shade family and the number of variations within the style. Hover over the different thumbnails to see the specific shade and tone values. The first number indicates the intensity of the color, with higher numbers indicating lighter colors. The number after the slash represents how warm or cool the final color appears.