How Do I Use Wash-and-Wear Relaxer on My Hair?

How Do I Use Wash-and-Wear Relaxer on My Hair?

You can use wash-and-wear relaxer by applying the hair relaxing product to your hair. The relaxer is left in for the specified amount of time, and then it is then washed off with warm water. A neutralizing shampoo is applied next. This is followed by conditioner. Your hair can then be wet set using hair rollers, a flat iron or can be styled with a blow drier.

  1. Wear protective gear

    Start by wearing gloves, a clean cape and apply petroleum jelly to your hairline, nape and ears. This will project your skin from chemical burns.

  2. Apply the relaxer

    Avoid combing your hair just before this hair treatment. Apply the relaxer to your hair and smooth it down with your hands. Work quickly as you apply the relaxer, as it can burn your scalp and cause hair damage when left in for too long.

  3. Wait

    Leave the relaxer in for the specified amount of time.

  4. Rinse the hair

    After the specified amount of time has passed, rinse out the relaxer thoroughly with warm water.

  5. Apply neutralizing shampoo

    Apply a neutralizing shampoo. This stops the chemical action of the relaxer.

  6. Use conditioner

    Follow up with a deep conditioner. This softens your hair and makes it manageable.

  7. Set the hair

    Set your hair by using rollers, a flat iron or blow dry it.