How Do You Use VO5 Products?

How Do You Use VO5 Products?

The use of Alberto VO5 products depends on the issue a person is having with her hair. The VO5 line helps those seeking remedies for dry and brittle hair, to add extra moisture and shine to their locks, to calm frizzy hair, to prevent fading of color-treated hair and for an overall daily and monthly hair conditioning regimen.

According to the company?s website, the line emerged from the use of five vitamin oils included in the products to nourish hair.

For those who have concerns with dry and brittle hair, it is recommended to use a combination of the VO5 Total Hair Recovery Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, and weekly the VO5 Hot Oil Treatment. For daily use, the company recommends its VO5 Salon Series "Hydrate + Nourish."

If moisture loss is an issue for hair, according to Alberto VO5, its most ideal product is also the VO5 Salon Series "Nourish" used daily. The VO5 Salon Series Simply Stunning Leave In Conditioner is a leave-in conditioner the company additionally recommends after daily shampooing and regular conditioning.

To add shine, VO5 suggests its Hot Oil or Hot Oil Shower Works Treatment. This product is applied for one minute once weekly during a hot shower. The VO5 Salon Series "Full Body + Shine" is also recommended for daily use, with coconut and conditioners to impart shine and volume.

To tame frizzy hair, VO5 advocates the VO5 Salon Series Anti-Frizz and Shine Styling Cream, plus one of its many conditioning treatments, depending on one's preference. VO5 Salon Series "Smooth + Sleek" is another option that the company suggests.

To stop color fade, VO5 Salon Series "Color Shield + Radiance," is the best bet, according to the company. This product additionally contains a UV blocker to prevent sun damage.