How Do You Use an Underwear Size Chart?

How Do You Use an Underwear Size Chart?

To correctly use an underwear size chart, use a fabric measuring tape and pen and paper to record the measurements. Weight might also be necessary, depending on the size chart. Measure the distance around the waist and hips, and use these measurements to find the correct size on the underwear size chart.

Each brand of underwear, such as Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Victoria's Secret and Jockey, uses its own sizing chart that is specific to its products. However, they are all generally set up in a grid form, and each one is navigated in much the same manner.

  1. Measure the waist
  2. Place the measuring tape around the narrowest part of the waist and record that number. Leave measuring tape loose enough to breathe comfortably.

  3. Measure the hips
  4. Place the measuring tape around the widest part of the lower body, across the hips and rear, to find the hip measurement.

  5. Locate the correct section of the chart
  6. Sometimes charts for men, women and children are listed together. Be sure to use the right chart.

  7. Navigate to the appropriate size
  8. The chart will be marked with sizes like small, medium and large.

  9. Locate measurements
  10. They may be listed just under or next to the listed sizes. See where the measurements fall in, and choose the size that will provide the best fit.