How Do You Use the Timex WR300M Watch?

How Do You Use the Timex WR300M Watch?

Start the Timex WR 300M watch by removing the plastic guard under the crown and pressing the crown against the face. Set the watch by pulling out the crown and turning it to the correct time.

Timex lists operating instructions for most of its watches on its website. Users may also reference the instructions that came with the watch. Note that not all watches have the same features so user experience may vary, but the following are the most common instructions.

  1. Start the watch
  2. After removing the watch from the packaging, pull out the plastic guard that sits between the crown and the face. Press the crown into place to make the second hand begin moving.

  3. Set the time
  4. Set the time by pulling the crown out as far as it will go. Turn to set the time.

  5. Set the day
  6. Pull the crown out to the middle position, known as the B position, and turn to set the day.

  7. Set the alarm day
  8. While the crown is in the B position, turn the turning ring next to the crown to the alarm day. This is the only day the alarm will sound.

  9. Set the hourly alarm
  10. Set the hourly alarm by putting the crown in the F position by moving it to the 4:00 position. Then use the turning ring to set the hourly alarm time.

  11. Set the compass
  12. Set the compass by laying the watch on a flat surface and pointing the hour hand at the sun.

The Timex WR 300M watch keeps track of the date, so once it is set, it tracks how many days are in each month and changes automatically.