How Do You Use a Tie Pin?


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A tie pin goes through a button-hole behind the tie and through the tie itself with the base attached at the back. Sometimes called a tie tack, a tie pin is an accessory that adds an elegant touch.

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How Do You Use a Tie Pin?
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A tie pin, or tie tack, is made up of two parts. The back has a chain with a T-bar attached to it. The decorative pin has a sharp end that fastens to the back. To separate the two pieces, pull the small knob on the back of the base. This releases the pin. The object of a tie pin is to keep the tie out of water fountains, food and the like.

The consumer should first don the shirt and tie as normal, and tie the tie using whatever knot desired. A button that is near or just below the middle of the tie is the perfect spot for a tie pin. The tie pin user should unbutton that button, slip the T-bar of the base through the button hole and button the button. The chain and base of the tie pin should hang on the outside of the shirt.

The consumer should then push the pin through the tie and into the base. It should be centered and approximately the same height as the button hole where the base is located to avoid unnecessary pull on the chain.

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