How Do You Use Thinning Shears at Home?

How Do You Use Thinning Shears at Home?

Using thinning shears is a process that involves washing the hair, positioning the thinning shears and removing thinned strands with a comb. The process can take as little as 10 minutes on top of the haircut time and requires thinning shears, a comb and hair clips.

  1. Wash the hair

    Hair should be clean and free of any hair products. Wash and condition the hair as usual. Towel dry the hair, but do not dry it completely.

  2. Section the hair

    Divide the wet hair into 1.5-inch sections, securing each section with a clip.

  3. Thin sections of hair

    Position the open shears no closer than 2 inches to the scalp on one section of hair. Snip the hair, and remove the shears. Comb through the hair to remove the strands, then move to the next section of hair. Never thin the top layer of hair, as the shorter ends will poke up, creating a frizzy appearance.

  4. Thin hair a second time

    For very thick hair, use the thinning shears a second time. Section out 2-inch segments of hair. Use the shears at a point halfway to two-thirds of the way down the shaft. Never use the shears on the ends of the hair, as this makes the haircut shapeless.

  5. Repeat sparingly

    Only thin the hair every third haircut. Otherwise, the hair looks stringy.